The Project

Future of a library bus for children  – the joy and fun with new kinds of innovations Mottolearning, reading, enthusiasm, joy

Design Context

The city of Espoo in Finland wants to acquire a modern, accessible and multi-purpose children’s bus, with space for events.

The new bus will be a dynamic library, with focus on a variety of events and new media tools to produce fun, joyous experiences for children. This bus also targets children living far from urban areas to reach to them a modern library facility. The space in the bus demands a flexible and versatile range of modular solutions. The modular functionality would allow for flexibility in the use of the vehicle and ensure that future changing needs would be met.

About the Espoo City Library

Espoo City Library’s strategic value is courage. A new kind of library function concept is a priority for 2012, starting with the courage to implement the new content as well as the method of implementation.

The children’s bus ‘Peikonpoika’ has toured Espoo Day-care centers and schools since 1997 and will be now replaced with the new bus.

Right now, we are targetting 26 Finnish-speaking and 3 Swedish-speaking primary schools and about 90 day-care centers. The main objective is to do away with unnecessary collections from the bus, while introducing new experiences and reducing the number of supervisors required in the bus. The bus will also play a role in various events.

Partners and People 

The bus concept is designed together with Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture and Espoo city library and their customers.

Media planning of technical equipment in the Department of Media, Learning Environments Research Group.

Space and interior design and partial implementation is responsible for the Department of Design.

Other collaborators involved in the project are the chassis manufacturer, car/bus manufacturer, furniture manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

Bookmobile is a new kind of operational planning with the Inno Omnia and the city of Espoo sports facilities.

Members so far

  • Eeva Laitinen – Espoo City Library, Seek operation service manager
  • Teemu Leinonen – Professor, New media design and learning, Aalto University
  • Dipti Sonawane – Student, M.A in New Media design, Aalto University
  • Toni Kauppila – Lecture, Spatial Design, Aalto University
  • Natalia Baczynska Kimberley – Student, M.A in Spatial Design, Aalto University
  • Nina Kosonen – Student, M.A in Spatial Design, Aalto University
  • Matti Mikkilä – Student, M.A in Spatial Design, Aalto University