Some things to chew

We thought, could it be possible to check in books ouside the mobile lib?


What about a 3-d construction model (Espoo-city, school, mobile library) for children to work on or shape – multi touch?

If the app. “draw with this equipement and your drawing will be heard as a tune” is taken in, will it need a device to confine soud to a certain area – and what would it look like?

What could the apps be like where the children act together, produce something new and the outcome will be smtg you cant foretell?



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Challenges to spatial design in Holland

BiebBus is a truck-container that travels from school to school, offering 7,000 books and a reading room“. Read the full story.

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Århus children´s library 2014

For the new Århus library there is a concept of a product where children can tell their own thoughts about a books straight to the book. The stories can be then listen from the books. The video shows several other concepts, too.

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Kirjastokaista is Finnish libraries’ common media service online.

Kirjastokaista’s Espoo channel contains materials that can be used  in the new vehicle: video and audio clips about books etc.

The Kirjastokaista could also be the storage space for media created in the vehicle.

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Augmented Reality 3D Storybook

There was an earlier example of an educational 3D augmented reality book with dinosaur. Similar research has been carried out in the VTT in Otaniemi, Espoo. Here is a demo video:

It looks that there is a startup, too. Here:

I am not sure what would be the add-value of having augmented 3D books in the library, but maybe we could consider some adaptation of this idea. Having some smart tags (QR-codes, tags) one may point with a mobile phone to bring to the big screen a “virtual” character telling stories, listing stories, providing guidance, etc.

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3D Screens

3D screens without 3D glasses.

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Augmented Reality

I got my ipad to show you today an augmented reality game called ‘Dragons’, but needless to say, I forgot. Here is something that might be of interest.

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Project Calendar

So now we have a ‘Project Calendar’ link on the right side. Everyone should hopefully be able to mark the meeting days and other important dates for the project. Please check if it’s working for all.

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Displays and using windows as displays

In the design team we have discussed about the possibility to use some displays for different purposes. The displays could be used:

  • to provide the visitors with some basic information: timetables, weather, whats going on in the town etc.
  • to show and watch movies and other audiovisual content
  • to play games
  • to create atmosphere and audiovisual experience

There are some interesting new display technologies we could take a closer look and consider a a solution for this.

So call “smart glass” is a solution where the glass’ transparency is controlled electronically. The glass can be used for projection, too, from front and back. In Finland, at least one company provides this solution in a glass and as a sheet that can be installed later.

Samsung has recently present something called Smart Window. Practically it is a transparent display. One can see through it and use it as a computer display. Here is a video of it:

We also have discussed about the multitouch features of the displays. The products of the Multitouch are also interesting, although I am not sure how well they would stand in a bus or vehicle. here is a video:

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Seattle Public Library

Here is a video tour of Seattle Public Library. There children area is neat 🙂

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