Monday Meeting Memo 06.02.2012

Sorry! Late but it is here!

Monday Meeting: Media Team & Spatial Team

Today we began with trying to clarify the roles each one had in the project. It was clear that even though there are three designers from the saptial design team they are to be treated as one; and one from the media department. The project is meant to be completed as a whole team together working along with the constraints of the group. Understanding the cultural differences and other obstacles that might be faced during the course of the project.

We also discussed that though Dipti has problems understanding what happens in the meetings that are in Finnish, she has to work her way around it. The only request that Dipti has is to have the meetings in Finnish wherever needed, but then at some point someone to sum it up for her, maybe after the meeeting by anyone from the team who may want to help.

We discussed the bus concept from the technical point of view and many ideas were talked of openly. We compared the bus v/s the truck and found the truck more interesting. However, from the driver’s point of view a truck is more difficult to drive in narrow lanes and especially during winter times. We came up with ideas which included different types of screens, projectors – The sling shot projections. We talked about removing shoes while coming inside the bus so that kids can sleep around and read books in the bus or do other activities. Ideas included the iTV and making a jigsaw puzzle out of it, and having magnetic cushions for kids lounge area in the bus.

Matti showed the work-in-progress sketch which was done collaboratively by the Media team and the spatial design team on Friday. He also showed a couple of other sketches of his own.

Toni had to leave early and therefore missed the further part of the meeting.

Finally, the team concluded the meeting by agreeing to work independently and then coming together at some point to discuss ideas and make sense of it. It was also agreed that every Monday all designers would show their individual work and progress on the project.

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