Late but it’s here! Meeting in Espoo 01.02.2011

Sorry! This is coming very late. But here it is!

Meeting Members: Eeva, Media Team, Spatial Team, Library members.

  • 4 district library
  • 2 buses
  • 6 service department
  • 160 stops
  • 90 kindergarten
  • once year design the stops
  • library cards for schools in the bus – 700 every autum
  • annual report – ?
  • 1964 – alexandra was the first Library bus

Presentation dates:

  • 2nd march – initial model
  • 30th march – Concept model

  • Putting up the stuff into the blog
  • Press conference
  • The time table in wordpress

They discussed about the competition among the transportation company. There are various models that compete against each other. So the final decision cannot be made until March. So it’s hard to assume whether it will be a bus or it might be a truck.

The idea is to make the model assuming that it’s a bus, so that even if it is a truck it won’t be such a problem

By March the aim of the deliverable is to have a concept ready of the bus and kind of things that might come in there rather than having the exact things inside the bus.

The final decision on everything will be taken by the Espoo Library Committe.

The competition should be public. Everything has to be open to public. The terms and conditions should be open to all.

We have Kittotori, Vahamaa, Scania & Volvo invovled in the company. Makers of the truck and buses.

We talked about how it would be suitable for both parties to tell about the project outside. Shall we prepare an occasion at the end of March when the concept will be ready? And by that time we’ll know who the manufacturer of the bus will be. Who will we bring with us to see your work and so on. I´ll meet The Library´s PR-lady tomorrow and tell you our thoughts afterwards.

We also talked about the quite difficult situation that you´ll have to cope with the thing that you shall know the exact measurements of the bus or container only in March.

We also threw around some ideas about the future bus: I remember Teemu’s idea of the young kids making graffiti on the bus. Why not drive to a faraway hill in Espoo in the warm summer evening to see films on the screen outside. We could sit on the lawn.

Ivan has been thinking of the possibility to renew loans outside the bus.

You talked a lot of the time children spend in the bus. And I began to ponder, should we here begin the planning of the time table right away. How many schools and daycarehomes, what else. For eg. 4 different specs.

You also talked about the amount of the books there in the bus at a time. I do think that we’ll have to talk about it more.

I talked with all my heart for the social dimension of the mobile library service: We have kids with all kinds of physical, mental or social impairments that I want to reach.

We talked about the age of the gadgets and geeks and compared it with the age of books.

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