After the workshop, meeting with Eeva 29.02.2012

Meeting members: Eeva, Dipti & Björn Lindholm (translator for my workshops)

We generally discussed about my workshop with 6-7 year old children. We talked about ideas for the bus.

Eeva really likes the idea of the screen towards the back of the bus and a sitting area (lounge) around it. There are ideas that we talked about regarding the activities inside the bus. Eeva, dicussed about these ideas that she really thinks can be done inside the bus:
– Screen towards the back of the bus for storytelling and other activities
– Recording children’s reviews about a particular book which others can listen to later
– Collaborative stories by children (story made by one child in one school which can be continued by other children from different schools).

We discussed about the problem of documenting the children inside the bus while the children narrate their stories. I suggested using Kinect which could have a character associated with the actions done by the child. So what we record is the character on the screen that is controlled by the child.

Eeva enquired about having screens at the back of the shelves. But as I had no idea what the Spatial design team had in mind about the shelving systems. We disscused around the current design proposals from them. The current shelves are grooves inside the bus that into which the shelves can slide in and out. It is difficult then to have screens behind the shelves but some other ideas may help in integrating the screens.

We discussed about several other spatial design aspects which needs more clarity. Aspects such as the wires and the modularity of the furniture in the space. The integration of books and media-tools so that they are not separated out. Björn also suggested to test the Kinect’s positions and angles according to the height of the child. We discussed issues such as how much time and efficiency it would need from the librarians to shuffle things around and make the space ready for the right targets.

We discussed the bus timings. It is, for now, decided that the bus would go to school for regular hours. So basically, each child gets half an hour inside the bus. This means that it is important for me to think of short-time interactions in the bus. However, the library members are making an effort to talk to the schools and get more time-allowance for the bus. This may take some time to happen. I discussed a couple of ideas with Eeva on the integration of books and media-tools as games, along with a few ideas on short-term interactions in the bus.

We did discuss that it is important that both the teams should come together and discuss the spatial design aspects together with the media integrations so that these discussions and thinking keep following each other. Some areas were very blurry for me to answer Eeva as I do not get sufficient time with the spatial design team to collaborate with.

We concluded that we might have to conduct a team meeting together, so that we could look into minor aspects of the project together.

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