Monday Meeting 20.02.2012

Meeting Members: Toni, Nina, Natalia, Matti & Dipti

We discussed the 15 ideas that the spatial design students came up with. The idea was to brainstorm on the different kind of activities that can happen inside the bus. We put up all the ideas on the wall and tried to find what else could we come up with. We discussed each of the 15 ideas and brought in another few ideas which could be linked together. We saw similarities in a few ideas and tried to map them together into the space.

We generally discussed about the various other activities possible inside the bus. Here are a few that were discussed along with the 15 ideas:

– Ball-pit (Play ground)
– Sports
– Arts & Crafts
– Storytelling
– Author visits
– Foster grannies
– Teenagers as targets
– Information in bus (parents & others)
– Theatre
– Movies
– Music
– Classrooms
– Dance
– Skating
– Things that are not available inside the bus
– Games (digital & analog)
– Books
– Collaborating with other organisations
– Getting parents and other enthusiasts involved in activities
– Biology studies
– Growing a graden
– Going to the forest for learning
– Things that are not in a school to be provided in the bus
– Cooking sessions
– Making use of the livelihood skills by calling experts in those areas
– Asking experts to volunteer for the workshops

About service-design in general:

– How will the activities be planned according to the time and hours the bus stops at a place?
– Should we expand this for the younger crowd (beyond grade 6).
– How should the needs and wants of our targets be balanced?
– How cutting-edge should the technology be? As technology keeps changing and evolving, how much do we keep up with these changes?
– To think about seasonal changes and considering those aspects in the concept design.

The presentation on the 2 March 2012
We present whatever we has been done till then. Maybe some kind of a general concept/concepts for the bus. Nothing too elaborate, but something we see as a direction in which we can start visualizing the bus for ourselves.

The task now is to come up with as many ideas as we can which illustrate the activities inside the space. We could go a bit more deeper into the ideas and give it a scenario. We design these scenarios in a way that one can understand the space and the possibilities inside the space. We look into three aspects while making the scenario:
– Activity
– Services
– Facilities

We agreed that each of us would come up with 5 ideas and develop them to a certain amount of details. We agreed that we present them together on 2 March 2012 as our first set of ideas along with Dipti’s workshop analysis.

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