Late but it’s here! Monday Meeting 30.01.2012

Sorry! Late but it’s here!

Meeting Members: Media Team and Spatial Team

Everyone agreed to meet Eeva at her office in Espoo on Wednesday 9-11 hrs.

It was confirmed that there won’t be interviews with the children but some workshops with them instead. Everyone agreed that the idea felt right and appropriate.

Tentative dates for deadlines were fixed:

  • 02.03.2012 Presentation day where final concepts are shown.
  • 30.03.2012 Final presentation, based on presentation on 2nd. This presentation could be an installation and a formal slide presentation as well.

The concern still remains about the 2000 books.

We discussed related topics such as:
– Children’s museums in Helsinki
– Leppavara Children’s Library
– Turku Library
– Children’s library in Kallio – offers space for moms to spend time with their babies in the library
– Seattle Library experience
– Espoo Children’s museum
– Annatalo Children’s museum
– Museum in Kable factory – theatre performance

We discussed having a list of questions on the blog that would challenge or trigger creative thinking. Such questions could also lead to discussions of Library being a public space. Questions like:

  • What do people do in the library?
  • How do people interact?
  • What is the core idea behind a Library?
  • What does a public space mean to the public?

Example: Truck drivers playing board games and refusing to go away from the library. Considering it was a public space.
Example: People in Japan sleeping in a public library.

We discussed the idea of tangibility of the book vs. contemporary media books.

How is a library different from other book/reading areas – No violent games, No pornography, the aim is very focussed.

We continued our discussion on the bus and we asked oursleves:

  • What is different about this bus?
  • What is that we offer them?
  • A quiet space or a space full of fun-filled experiences?

We were trying to understand the soundscape in a normal public library. It is quiet and peaceful. Hence, people can fall asleep very easily, but the time spent in a normal library is also much more. So how can we make something that is silent in this bus?

Example: Stick your head inside a hole and listen to some sounds!

We looked at a video for interactive devices in the bus. It’s called “CSE – Samsung Smart Window”. We generally began to brainstorm a few ideas for the screens in the bus.

We looked at the “Smart Classroom” again and decided that the prototype would be made out of modular structures.

Then, all others were discussing about materials that needed to be ordered for the scale model of the bus in Finnish, which Dipti failed to understand.

There were some initial methods that were suggested:
– Quickly prototyping the model of the bus.
– Making a list of questions that would trigger ideas.
– Making a list of activities that would happen inside the bus.
– Creating small modular structures of the bus which might have activities + media

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