Displays and using windows as displays

In the design team we have discussed about the possibility to use some displays for different purposes. The displays could be used:

  • to provide the visitors with some basic information: timetables, weather, whats going on in the town etc.
  • to show and watch movies and other audiovisual content
  • to play games
  • to create atmosphere and audiovisual experience

There are some interesting new display technologies we could take a closer look and consider a a solution for this.

So call “smart glass” is a solution where the glass’ transparency is controlled electronically. The glass can be used for projection, too, from front and back. In Finland, at least one company provides this solution in a glass and as a sheet that can be installed later.

Samsung has recently present something called Smart Window. Practically it is a transparent display. One can see through it and use it as a computer display. Here is a video of it:

We also have discussed about the multitouch features of the displays. The products of the Multitouch are also interesting, although I am not sure how well they would stand in a bus or vehicle. here is a video:

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