Visiting the Espoo Library Office

I visited the Library office in Espoo on 19.01.2012. I had to meet Eeva to find answers to a few questions that I had in my mind. It was a lovely morning and it was snowing heavily that day. So here is some information that I received from Eeva and my experience of seeing the standing bus “Helmi”

Helmi The bus

Took a short peek into the bus Library Helmi. This bus is 7 years old. Took some pictures. As I understood it contained around more than 2000 books and Dvd’s for children. The bus goes to various schools and day care centers in Espoo. It has ‘self issue’ machines. Two tables, one to return the books and other to issue the books. The bus has lots of shelves and one bench for children to sit.

General discussion with Eeva

I Spoke to Eeva about the brief of the project. The project aims at designing a new concept of Library bus service in Espoo. It’s a completely new concept which aims at getting children excited about a library bus. It’s more interactive and could be possible that it has the potential to attract a wider group of audience in the future for example: young people, middle aged women, young parents etc. This bus should be a message to the Espoo city.

Basic Information

Maximum people at one time could be 40 and minimum 25. But this varies from school to school and time to time. The number of classes and attendance differ all the time.

At present they have 26 schools and 90 day care centers.

My Understanding of the Project

The idea for the new bus is to have technical learning tools that will enhance the experience of the bus and combining the library activities in general. This bus is the first of it’s kind in Finland and would be an inspiration for more such models to come on roads for many different audiences. There has to have an element of sustainability. All the available material may not be accessible all the time. Accessibility of tools should be such that children, young people and adult can use them according to their needs and demands.

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